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Welcome to Disney Speedstorm!

Description: Welcome to Disney Speedstorm! Drift into the ultimate hero-based combat racing game, set on high-speed circuits inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds. Master each character’s unique skills and claim victory in this thrilling arcade racing experience from the creators of the Asphalt series!


The Game

Disney Speedstorm is a fun little arcade Kart-style racing game that makes great use of Disney’s licensed characters from both the animated and feature films. Created by the same team that developed the Asphalt series. The game is pretty much a mobile game masquerading as a PC and Console game. But it has much in common with Sonic Team Racer when it comes to how it plays. Its a fun game that appeals to all ages. But something that younger players will love is more stuff gets added.


The Graphics

The game’s graphics are fairly solid. The character animations are a great representation of the Disney characters and it is rather fun seeing characters from feature films such as Captain Jack and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of The Caribbean in their animated form. Also enjoyable is seeing the various race tracks draw their inspiration from hit Disney films. We have one track that draws its inspiration from The Pirates movies as well as one that lends somewhat from the first Mickey Mouse short film Steamboat Willie. The karts are kind of boring and lack personality when compared to other games of this type


Gameplay & Playability

Gameplay and controls on this are fairly straightforward and easy to learn. You basically have an accelerator, brake, boost, and weapon button. You’ll find yourself drifting and getting into the game relatively easily. I quite enjoyed the simplicity of it and enjoyed the racing aspect of the game.

The game has a great dift feel to it where you can find yourself drifting in one direction but can change direction easily and smoothly. This is great for doing powerslides and is quite satisfying to boot. The weight of the Karts is well represented in the game as they jostle for position with each other during the course of the races. Thus making crashes and jumps feel fairly convincing.

I have no complaints about the gameplay. Where it does get a bit confusing is when you are using the menus to do upgrades to your kart or your character. It all seems quite chaotic and a little confusing at times.

I can’t comment on what the split-screen experience is like. But the fact that the game has a split-screen mode on PS5 and other consoles is a definite plus.



I really want to like this game more than I do. But it really lacks when it comes to the variety of tracks that you can race on, which makes it seem fairly monotonous after a few hours of play. The track we do have in the game are great. But with the amount of IP that Disney has in both their animated and feature content, the game feels rather disappointing in terms of the tracks that it currently has.

Another letdown is the menus for upgrades and such. They feel a bit chaotic and can be quite confusing. They’re not particularly easy to navigate.

Overall. This is a fun little game that may entertain but its only good in short spells as the lack of more tracks and IP from Disney’s vast catalog kind of holds it back. This in part is likely due to Speedstorm being in early access. But I was expecting a little more for my £24.99

Disney Speedstorm
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