In Review: Defiance Season Two Soundtrack – Songs Of Defiance

All the songs are sang by Bear McCreary's brother Brendan McCreary and the spectacular talents that are Raya Yarbrough, Fyfe Monroe, Ayana Haviv, Olivia Pucci and Zach Jones.

Review: Out now on all digital formats is this brilliant soundtrack from the second season of the hit Syfy series ‘Defiance’. Whereas the first season soundtrack focused on all aspects of the music from the show. This second helping of music from the series brings the focus on the fantastic songs that have shaped the fictional mixture of alien and human musical sounds of the show.

All the songs are sang by Bear McCreary’s brother Brendan McCreary and the spectacular talents that are Raya Yarbrough, Fyfe Monroe, Ayana Haviv, Olivia Pucci and Zach Jones.

This is a wonderful collection of songs from the show, which are catchy, otherworldly and very easy to listen to and wile away an hour.

Of specific note is the The Voton Mix of ‘What’s Up’. A song that was originally performed by the band 4 None Blondes in 1992. The original version is mostly guitar driven whereas this new Voton version that McCreary has composed for Defiance has a good mixture of synth, percussion and a really cool bit of Rhythm Guitar during the songs catchy chorus that had me strumming along. It’s no wonder that McCreary chose to put this song first in the CD’s sequencing. It really grabs you and is a fabulous vocal performance by Fyfe Monroe.

Following hot on the heels of ‘What’s Up’ is the hauntingly beautiful ‘Doll Parts’, which is another cover of an original song which was performed by Hole. Though having heard both versions of the song. I think that McCreary’s version of it has a little more impact on the listener.

The third song on the record is the original and ever so spooky ‘One Soldier, One Axe, One Grave’, which starts off with some really nice Piano work before the distinctive Defiance synth parts come in with the vocal.

Further down the track list is a rather fun upbeat song called ‘Datak Love Shack’, which has a nice swing feel to it. It sounds like an alien cultures country or folk song and is a pretty cool and fun song at that.

This entire collection of songs is full of great vocal performances and musical arrangements and illustrated the mix of alien and earth based music that help paint the world and culture of ‘Defiance.’ Perhaps the makers of ‘Star Wars’ should perhaps take notes and maybe try to include some unique styles of music for that universe. Because McCreary’s work on ‘Defiance’ has for my money truly helped shape that world and made that show a truly immersive experience for the senses.

The CD version of this soundtrack, which is due for release on June 19 includes some nicely chosen photographs on the inlay along with some notes from Bear McCreary and his team about what they tried to achieve with the second season from the music perspective as well as the mandatory track listing.

Defiance Season Two Soundtrack - Songs Of Defiance
  • Some fabulous covers and original songs from the hit series
  • Left me wanting more, which is never good.
  • Packaging
  • Songs
  • Sequencing
  • Vocal Performances
  • Compositions

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