In Review: Defenders (2017-) #6

The Defenders go to court

Synopsis: As tensions heat up, tensions caused by the power vacuum left by Wilson Fisk’s ascendency explode in an all-out war for control of the New York underworld—with the Defenders left to protect the people and pick up the pieces! So what could make things even worse for our team of harried heroes? Would you believe – Deadpool?

Review: This issue starts with Jessica Jones recapping events and talking about how they formed up as The Defenders. She is pretty much laying it all out on the phone for someone, who we see later in the issue.

We then skip to the moment where the last issue left off. Styker is fighting Black Cat and is pumping himself up with some designer drugs. As he gets the better of Black Cat he is interrupted by Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Between them, they manage to best Stryker and allow the police to pick him up. While in the moment Daredevil comments on how Stryker will likely get released with no charge.

From there were taken to a court case, which seems to be tipped very much in Stryker’s favor. Matt Murdock does his best to make an argument, but the defense lawyer working for Stryker is tying him up in knots.

This issue is packed with some really good stuff. I especially enjoyed how Brian Michael Bendis wrote the whole court sequence. The arguments from the defense counsel are very much what you’d imagine them to be. And having The Defenders sat in the courtroom added a little extra tension to proceedings.

This issue introduces Deadpool, but he is just really being introduced this issue. In a nutshell, we’ll likely see more of him in the next issue where he will likely be both a help and a hindrance to the Defenders.

If you think Deadpool is the only new character being added to The Defenders cast list for this issue. Think again. There is another lurking in the shadows who gets his reveal on the last page.

David Marquez does some great art on this issue. I’m continuing to love how he lays out the action beats in this comic. There’s a very street level viciousness to how he draws the fights.

Defenders (2017-) #6
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