In Review: Defenders (2017-) #3

What could possibly make Frank Castle turn on his fellow vigilantes?

Synopsis: The Punisher strikes! With the mean streets of Marvel more dangerous than ever what could possibly make Frank Castle turn on his fellow vigilantes? Don’t they all want the same thing?

Review: Brian Michael Bendis latest run at The Defenders continues from where it left off.

The Punisher had taken a shot at Jessica Jones, but the reason why is something that the team discuss.

Iron Fist comes to the conclusion that The Punisher wants to take Diamond Back down on his own. This seems a reasonable assumption given that he used none lethal bullets to slow Jessica Jones down. But Luke Cage, who was a fan of The Punisher is no longer up for sharing a beer with the man.

There is some great stuff in this issue and my favourite element is the various people of Harlem talking about the relationship between Luke Cage and Diamond Back in the past tenths. We get various people from teachers to news agencies relating their version of what it was that tore two childhood friends asunder. One going straight after serving time. The other going to darker and darker place.

The sequence of panels with these commenters were well drawn and each individual character had something unique going on.

At the start of the comic there is a wonderful sequence of events between Black Cat and Diamond Back in which the arch villain tells her that he is at least five moves ahead of her. The come back she uses pretty much throws that right back at him.

The book wraps things up with Luke Cage and Daredevil catching up with Punisher and we get some great banter between the two characters. Cage things Daredevil is called Gary, but Gary who?

Overall this was a fantastic third issue with some brilliant character beats and some wonderfully drawn art work by David Marquez

Defenders (2017-) #3
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