In Review: Defenders (2017-) #2

This issue sees writer Brian Michael Bendis bring in a few cameo characters such as Blade and Linda Carter the Night Nurse.

Synopsis: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist. These solo heroes will need to come together to battle a new threat from the underworld.

Review: With Luke Cage on the bench after being poisoned by Diamond Back. It’s up to Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Dare Devil to find the villain, but they do not have a hope if they cannot figure out a way to work together.

This issue sees writer Brian Michael Bendis bring in a few cameo characters such as Blade and Linda Carter the Night Nurse. But the final page delivers a surprise cameo from a certain Mr Castle.

The action is pretty thick and fast and the three characters still in the game get a fairly nice chunk of the issue to run their own separate investigations as they all try to find Diamond Back.

Iron Fist while in his role of Danny Rand has a nice scene with a certain Wilson Fisk who is seemingly trying to go legitimate having been released from jail.

As the story draws to the cliffhanger we get a great sequence of events unravel as the three heroes come together, but more by circumstance than by intent.

We get some great art work from David Marquez. I enjoyed the fight sequences, which are really well drawn. And I loved the way in which Marquez introduces the Punisher on the closing page of the issue.

I have to confess that things are not looking the best for our heroes and I have a feeling that they may need an assist from Luke Cage in the next issue.

But the question remains. What role does The Punisher have to play in the next issue and how is it all going to play out.

At present. All we know is Diamond Back is looking to be the new King Pin of New York and as Iron Fist pointed out to Fisk. The new successor to that particular accolade is very likely going to try and do away with the former King Pin.

I look forward to seeing how all this will play out in the third issue when it is released next month.

Defenders (2017-) #2
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