In Review: Deep Cuts #5

The new wave of jazz has left music critic R. Hudson Lowell behind

Synopsis: In this month’s Deep Cuts, we head to Los Angeles of 1968. The new wave of jazz has left music critic R. Hudson Lowell behind, but a chance encounter with an up-and-comer might just bring back the spark. The DEEP CUTS team is joined by Ignatz Award winner JUNI BA (MONKEY MEAT, Djeliya) for a trip through sound!


The Story

When R. Hudson Lowell awakes after a big night out and an incredibly active acid trip. He calls the office to take a sick day only to find his editor demanding that he come to work. It seems that while he was partying at a party held by the music magazine that he works for. He’d got so out of it on Acid and Alcohol that he’d danced his editor’s expensive new table. So as a consequence of his wild night. Hudson’s editor has taken him off the assignment to interview a prominent music act and has instead put the music journalist on an assignment to cover a new sound called Free Jazz and watch and listen to a Jazz artist called Adler Burns who is doing some very experimental stuff. The trouble is R. Hudson saw an Adler Burns gig many years before and hated it.

So now. Hudson must go on a journey to find out who Adler Burns is and what his music is trying to say. However, along the way Hudson grows to understand Burns and his sound as he simultaneously re-accesses his own life.


The Artwork

Juni Ba comes in as the artist on this issue and provides some wonderfully psychedelic pages, which work well with the era of music as well as the times. It also works well because Hudson undergoes at least three acid trips in the pages of this book.

I loved the pages where we see Adler Burns and his band playing and the random chaos that seems to be happening while he plays. For example, the artist paints a canvas to represent what they are seeing in the music.



This is a great story, which is a departure from previous issues of Deep Cuts where the book has focused mainly on musicians. This story breaks that wall down and instead looks at a cynical music journalist who has lost touch with music and has generally been lazily writing about the established music of the day as opposed to exploring what is going on at the roots of the music scene.

Deep Cuts #5
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