In Review: Debris (S1 -Ep1) Pilot

MI6 agent Finola. and CIA agent Bryan Beneventi are jointly investigating alien spacecraft debris that has been falling to earth the past 6 months.

Synopsis: MI6 agent Finola. and CIA agent Bryan Beneventi are jointly investigating alien spacecraft debris that has been falling to earth for the past 6 months. Some strange phenomena have been occurring wherever the alien spacecraft debris appears.


The Story

When debris starts falling from the sky at various locations around the world. A task force is put together, which is made up of MI6 and CIA agents. To further understand the mysterious scraps that are falling from the sky. The CIA and MI6 assign agents Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones with the task of figuring out strange phenomena and while gathering the alien bits that causes it.

When the body of a young single mum is discovered in a cornfield. Agents Beneventi and Jones are fast on the scene to investigate. When more bodies are found they figure out that every one of them is roughly from the same area. Furthermore, they find a connection in that each of the bodies, which are still very much alive but in some form of stasis had traveled with a young boy. After further investigation, they find the site where parts of the spacecraft had crashed. But why is the young boy abducting people and putting them in a weird stasis? As the episode unravels we find this out and more…


The Acting

The duo of Beneventi and Jones has a little bit of a fox and Mulder vibe to it. Accept the more grizzled and cynical Beneventi brings the sarcastic humor along with issues when it comes to connecting with people. By comparison, Finola Jones who is the MI6 agent is a little warmer and the more scientifically minded of the two. Jonathan Tucker puts in a pretty strong performance as Beneventi, but I think out of the two agents. I warmed more to Riann Steele’s performance as Agent Jones who pretty much does a fair bit of heavy lifting in terms of the plot.

In terms of guest stars or not as the case may be. Alisha Newton gives a convincing performance as the grief-stricken sister of a family that was seeking connection after losing a son. In fact, Newton’s role in this opening episode is key to its resolution. Of course, fans of the Canadian Family drama ‘Homeland’ will recognize Newton from that series. In fact, I was half expecting to see some flying alien horses when I saw Newton in this show. Nonetheless, the actor acquitted herself well. Even though for this show she was merely somewhat of a plot device.



If I am to be perfectly honest. It is hard to review this series based on just the pilot episode. But what I will say is that this opening installment ticked a few of the established checkboxes for this style of mystery box series. For example, at the very start, we find out that there is a black market for these bits and pieces that are falling from the crashed spaceship. We see a deal go down, which gets pretty much kyboshed by the arrival of our agents. And we later see the Black Marketeers using their spaceship bits as teleportation devices.

Additionally, we also learn that while the CIA and MI6 may have two agents in the field working cases together. Both organizations are not necessarily on the same page when it comes to the sharing of information. Indeed as the episodes close we see that the CIA has gathered a fair bit of the debris together and appears to be rebuilding the ship from it.  To what end as yet remains to be seen. Maybe it is for the deposed President Trump’s space force.

In good visuals is something that you go for in your television shows. Well, this series does not disappoint. Though I would be a little concerned that they may have blown their budget in the first week given some of the stuff we see. Indeed the first 20 minutes is stunning on the eyes as we see a bunch of bodies floating around in a swirly circle like a hurricane only slower but in the middle of a cornfield. Eew, what is it with Sci-Fi and Cornfields. Enough already.

Overall. I was sufficiently entertained by this first hour to check out further episodes. And feel that fans of shows like The X-Files will probably enjoy this one.

‘Debris airs every Tuesday evening on NBC.


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Debris (S1 - Ep1) Pilot
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