In Review: Dead Seas Issues 4 & 5

Ghosts of the past return to haunt the crew of the Perdition as the stricken revenant containment vessel sinks beneath the waves.

Synopsis: In these issues of Dead Seas. Ghosts of the past return to haunt the crew of the Perdition as the stricken revenant containment vessel sinks beneath the waves.


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. The Perdition is sinking and all the ghosts that it was carrying have managed to escape and are on a rampage. While Gus and his gang try and find a safe way off while working alongside the crew. Strickson’s hidden past catches up with him when a ghost that knows about his past transgressions makes him face them. Furthermore, we learn when all the ghosts seemed to have gathered and it’s not good.

While helping Miss Barrimore escape. Strickson tells her how the ghosts being stuck came about and also revealed the truth about The Mother of All Ghosts, which is a ghost that Miss Barrimore’s father deliberately trapped on Earth by shutting off Access to the Afterlife so he could have an unlimited supply of Ecto Plasm to make money from.  However, Miss Barrimore gets a shock when she learns the identity of The Mother of all Ghosts.


The Artwork

Nick Brokenshirecarries on producing some pretty gory artwork for this book. In these two issues, we get introduced to the Mother of All Ghosts. The image that represents her is really cool and closed out the 4th issue with the mother of all cliffhangers. But its the mayhem that she brings that is particularly nasty.

The panels where Strickson is made to face the ghosts of his past are really effective and you can easily imagine the imagery being done with CGI in a movie. One of the best sequences of panels is in issue five where we see Strickson and Miss Barrimore frantically ascending a ladder in order to escape from a ghost. This sequence of images does a brilliant job of selling the tension in the moment between the two characters and their spooky pursuer.



These two issues do a great job of setting things up for the finale, which should come out at some stage this month.

Dead Seas Issues 4 & 5
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