In Review: Dead Seas #3 (of 6)

Disaster has struck the RSV Perdition. Can Gus and his chain gang put out the fire before the ship sinks and the dead rise?

Synopsis: Disaster has struck the RSV Perdition. Can Gus and his chain gang put out the fire before the ship sinks and the dead rise?


The Story

With this ship having been boarded by pirates in the last issue. All-out chaos has broken out as the pirate leader who has been working with someone on the ship’s crew has attempted to steal barrels of Ecto Plasm. However, the theft has gone awry and one of the barrels has exploded and blown a hole in the side of the ship. It now falls on Gus and his men to go all out to put out the fire. Meanwhile, the administrator of the company is preventing the captain from taking the necessary safety measures to protect the ship and crew. And to make matters worse. The ship has been invaded by a group of ghosts and one of them is out to get the pirate leader because when he was alive he was in on the plot.


The Artwork

Nick Brokenshire does some fabulous work in this issue as he gets to draw quite a few cool action beats. I loved the panels where we see the various ghosts attacking crewmembers as well as members of Gus’s team. But it’s the dramatic visuals of the ship being rocked about by the waves that I really enjoyed as they gave a true sense of the danger of such an event.



The story is really beginning to cook now as we have a corrupt corporate administrator on the ship that is putting the crew in danger. A pirate captain that is going all out to steal her barrels and make some money. And we have Gus who is trying to stay alive while keeping his crew alive. So they can all serve their time and get off the Ghost Ship as unscathed as possible.

Overall. I’m loving the all-out action of this book and can’t wait for the next issue.

Dead Seas #3 (of 6)
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