In Review: DC’s ‘Twas the ‘Mite Before Christmas (2023) #1 (DC Holiday Special)

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a…Bat-Mite?

Synopsis: ’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a…Bat-Mite?! Join all your DC favorites as they take on eight classic holiday stories! From Constantine and Lex Luthor’s Dickensian tale to Batwoman’s puzzling Hanukkah hijinks to your classic cocoa-swilling Christmas romance switch with Harley and Amethyst, this book is a perfect companion for cookies by the fire and extra sour cream on your latkes. So pull up a sled and get ready for plenty of ho-ho-holiday hope to get you in the spirit of the season!


The Stories

Featuring 8 stories. This special one-shot places superheroes and villains in some fantastic festive stories that celebrate the holiday season. The issue opens with The Teen Titans in Home Alone in Titans Tower. In this story Raven is left home alone and finds herself doubting her place in the superhero group. However when two crooks try and break into Titan Tower and steal all the toys. Raven sets about outwitting the crooks using whatever tools she finds to be at hand.

The second story features Harley Quinn and Amethyst in The Princess Switch. In this story, Amethyst asks to switch places with Harley Quinn for a couple of days. As the switch goes ahead both Harley and Amethyst learn a few valuable life lessons.

The Third story features Lex Luther in Lex-taculor Christmas Carol. When Lex Luther pushes his workers to the very edge on the eve of Christmas he gets haunted by his late father and three Christmas Ghosts. This is very much a story in the style of Dicken’s classic but with a superhero twist in the form of Constantine who is very much responsible for Lex’s hauntings.

The Fourth Story sees Batwoman get to grips with a series of 8 riddles that are spread across the eight nights of Hannuka in Riddler on The Roof. Having problems solving the last of the riddles Batwoman outsources the job to an expert in cracking cythers. Of course, this involves Kate Kane aka Batwoman going on a date with the person that she is counting on to help crack the final riddle.

The Fifth Story sees Booster Gold get turned into a copy of Santa Claus in The Santa Copies. Thankfully he has a little help from famed time traveler Rip Hunter.

The Sixth Story sees Superman help a young man out with his mental health problems by showing him life from a different perspective. This allows for an interesting narrative in which Superman says that although he can save lives. He has no control of what the people he saves go on to do with their lives. The story is called Streaks In The Sky and is perhaps the most thought-provoking story in the book.

The Seventh story features Bunker who is feeling unappreciated and unsure about whether going solo was a good idea. However, in It’s A Bunkerful Life he gets to see what life would be like had he never been a hero.

The Eighth and final story sees Damian Wayne learn that fairies, elves, and other things from storybooks are very real when he has a run in with The Bat-Mite in Wonderful Toys.


The Artwork

The art throughout this book is solid and a credit to all the artists that were involved with the book. Perhaps my favorite moments from this book are the various takes on the ghosts that haunt Lex Luther in Lex-taculor Christmas Carol. I also really enjoyed the art from the final story Wonderful Toys. 



This is very much a fun book with some fantastic and fun Holiday Stories that fans will enjoy. So we’d like to thank for the following writers and artists for their parts in creating this fun package.

Natalie Abrams (Author), Michael Conrad (Author), Ethan Sacks (Author), Josh Trujillo (Author), Ben Caldwell (Cover Art), Marcus ‘MAS’ Smith (Penciller), Gavin Guidry (Penciller, Inker), Soo Lee (Penciller, Inker), Andrew Drilon (Penciller, Inker, Colorist), Juan Bobillo (Inker, Colorist), Bob Quinn (Inker, Colorist), Rebekah Isaacs (Inker), Norm Rapmund (Inker), Logan Faerber (Inker, Colorist), Ryan Cody (Colorist), John Kalisz (Colorist), Kurt Michael Russell (Colorist), Hi-Fi (Colorist) 

DC's 'Twas the 'Mite Before Christmas (2023) #1 (DC Holiday Special)
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