In Review: DC’s The Sandman: Act II (Audible)

In the absolutely packed Act II, the Sandman expands into the French Revolution, ancient Rome, 19th-century San Francisco, eighth-century Baghdad, and beyond.
Act II

Synopsis: Enter the Dreaming again as the blockbuster audio adaptation continues. James McAvoy returns to voice Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams.

Journey into a world of myths, imagination, and terror based on the best-selling DC tales written by Neil Gaiman. Lose yourself in another groundbreaking, an immersive drama adapted and directed by the award-winning audio master Dirk Maggs.

In the absolutely packed Act II, the Sandman expands into the French Revolution, ancient Rome, 19th-century San Francisco, eighth-century Baghdad, and beyond.

Act II of the audio series adapts collected volumes four (Season of Mists) and five (A Game of You). Additionally, listeners get most of volume six (Fables & Reflections).

Review: DC’s The Sandman: Act II is even more enthralling than the first installment. Gaiman exquisitely addresses the plot lines of Act I. All the while, he introduces new characters with which he’ll populate later stories.


As with my first review, I won’t regurgitate plot. It would spoil the experience for both long-time fans and newbies. Instead, I’ll limit my comments to my favorite parts.

First, I loved Season of Mists in its entirety. Gaiman’s take on Hell and it’s denizens is incredible. Moreover, his exploration of metaphysical consequences and the ripples they create justifies the entire series.

What’s more, I got a kick out of encountering all the gods. Gaiman demonstrates his ability to make myths vibrant and real.

Second, I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Johanna Constantine and Orpheus in “Thermidor.” The story is a brilliant exercise in internally consistent lateral thinking.

Third, my heart leapt during “August.” I’ve watched I, Claudius regularly. I feel like this story was written and cast just for me.


The incredible cast is too large to praise each actor. Consequently, I have to highlight the performers who made the greatest impressions.

I must begin with James McAvoy. He inhabits Morpheus, and it’s going to take work for me to accept anyone else in the role.

Next, I have to give massive kudos to the Asgardian contingent. Bill Nighy is great as Odin. Mitch Benn is a hoot as Thor. That said, David Tennant crushes it as Loki. I’d love a DC/Marvel crossover involving him and Tom Hiddleston.

I must now praise Joanna Lumley. She gives a nuanced and spin-off worthy performance as Lady Johanna Constantine.

Lumley’s leading man RegéJean Page imbues Orpheus with etherial gravitas. As an added surprise, listeners were treated to his angelic singing voice.

Finally, I would like to personally thank whoever convinced Dame Siân Phillips to cameo as Livia. I have no adjectives with which to express how happy her performance made me.


Thank you Neil Gaiman for crafting this wondrous universe and tying this incredible adaptation together with your narration. I can’t wait for Act III!


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DC’s The Sandman: Act II (Audible)
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