In Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 3×08: “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4”

I hope the midseason finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow isn’t anticlimactic after this epic effort.

Synopsis: THE EPIC FOUR-WAY CROSSOVER WITH “ARROW,” “SUPERGIRL,” “THE FLASH” AND “DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW” CONCLUDES — Barry (guest star Grant Gustin) and Iris’s (guest star Candice Patton) wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. All of the superheroes band together with help from their super friends like Citizen Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller), The Ray (guest star Russell Tovey), Felicity Smoak (guest star Emily Bett Rickards), and Alex Danvers (guest star Chyler Leigh) to take on their most formidable villains yet. Earth’s mightiest heroes – Green Arrow (guest star Stephen Amell), Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist), The Flash (guest star Grant Gustin) and White Canary (Caity Lotz) – lead their teams into battle to save the world.

Review: I’m not going to lie. I shed tears when Professor Martin Stein died. I suspected he might. Victor Garber was leaving. Plus, Stein was an ordained rabbi fused to a black man at the molecular level, while fighting parallel Earth Nazis. The entire context screamed dramatic death. Even though I guessed it was coming, though, Stein’s farewell still got to me. It got to me because the writers and actors all cared.

The writers and actors carried that caring and commitment into the rest of the episode as well. All of the characters were perfectly who they were throughout. I particularly enjoyed Harry and Cisco piloting The Waverider, and Frost fully joining the fray. I also wasn’t surprised by how things played out with Thawne. The Reverse Flash is never going to be gone completely.

I was a little surprised that Citizen Cold decided to stay with the Legends for a while. Even though it made sense at the meta level to have Wentworth Miller back, and it was a pleasure to meet this iteration of his character, the writers are going to have to establish why Leo wants to stick around. As for the superhero, Leo considers his other half, I loved The Ray, and I’m looking forward to hearing Russell Tovey reprise the role in the upcoming animated web series.

Readers are probably wondering why I’ m not discussing the nuptials. It’s because the shippers won’t think any reviewer can do them justice and because the non-shippers were focused on other aspects of the story.

Next week, viewers go back to the regularly scheduled individual narratives. I hope the midseason finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow isn’t anticlimactic after this epic effort.


Gregory Smith


Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg (Story)

Phil Klemmer, Keto Shimizu (Teleplay)

Legends of Tomorrow: 3x08:
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