In Review: DC Rebirth – The Hellblazer #3

“THE POISON TRUTH” part three! In Constantine’s world there are old friends, useful friends, dangerous friends..

Synopsis: “THE POISON TRUTH” part three! In Constantine’s world there are old friends, useful friends, dangerous friends…and then there’s Chas, whose screw-up threatens them all.

Review: This third issue opens much of the mystery up.

Thanks to a chat with his pal Map. Constantine learns that he is up against a Djinn aka a Genie.

Meanwhile the Djinn is delighting in torturing Clarice in order to find Constantine. While Chas has gone to the bookies to collect some winnings only to wind up being taken prisoner.

Back in the Rot Mercury continues to help Swamp Thing with his search for Abby who as it turns out has disappeared through what Swamp Thing describes as a wormhole. Due to a deal that was struck with Abby. Swamp Thing would be safe in the Rot as long as Abby was there, but given her absence. Swamp Thing’s time in the Rot is limited.

This third issue begins with an hilarious horse race in which three key UK political figures have been re-imagined as horses. Its a blatant stab at the Tory party and very, very funny.

It’s very obvious that writer Simon Oliver is very up one his politics, but sadly it seems a little dated given that Cameron is no longer in power.

I loved who the writer has Constantine describe the Djinn and generally comes out as the third person to fill us in on what is happening.

The artwork by Moritat seemed a little inconsistent in this issue. Specially when the scene changed to Swamp Thing and Mercury in the ROT. I’m not sure if it was the colours or the art generally. But the overall image quality seemed to visibly drop a little when in the ROT. It was a little like going for HD to Analogue.

I did enjoy the visuals that we got when Clarice was visibly ageing when being interrogated by the Djinn.

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