In Review: Dark Matter – Wish I Could Believe You!

We get a power house performance from Roger Cross in this episode as we see him slowly figure out what is happening to him

Synopsis: Having seen six’s colony laid waste. The crew stage rescue, but things are not as straightforward as they seem.

Review: This episode is a trip pretty much from the opening moments.

We start off with Two and Three rescuing Six only to find out that he has been effected by the toxin that wiped out the independent colony that he was protecting.

As things progress. Six begins to have various Flashbacks to the life he had before he awoke on the Raza.

Things develop further when we learn that the real Six is being held prisoner by Ferrous Corp and is the subject of an experimental new technology, which is being used to try and extract the locations of the other independent colonies from him.

We get a power house performance from Roger Cross in this episode as we see him slowly figure out what is happening to him to the point of eventually being able to turn the tables.

We also get some development with Three’s dead Girlfriend Sarah and find that he Avatar, which is held within the ships computer is not as innocent as it appears to be.

The end result of this episode is the fact that Six persuades Two, Three and Five that they are going to have to start working with the other corporations against Ferrous Corp if they stand any hope of protecting the independent colonies.

Plans are put into motion to ally with Mikkei who have been trying to remain neutral. Just how all of this will play out. As yet remains to be seen, but it will be interesting.

Anthony Lemke also puts in a great performance as we get to see various different versions of Three from Six’s dream like point of view. In fact it is one of these versions of Three, which makes Six realise that he is being had.

Overall. This was a really strong episode, which pulls on a few more plot threads in order to slowly open the pandoras box of possible story arcs. It was also great to have Roger Cross back on the show as Six.

Dark Matter - Wish I Could Believe You!
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