In Review: Dark Matter – Welcome To The Revolution

The Raza crew have to play mediator in a volatile conflict between workers and corporate security forces.

Synopsis: When the Raza saves a Traugott Corp colony from a Ferrous attack. They find themselves drawn into a complicated political situation between the workers and the Traugott security forces.

Review: When they respond to a call from their old handler Tabor the crew of the Raza find themselves drawn into a conflict between colony workers and Traugott security forces.  A situation, which Two is not happy to be involved with, but is talked round by Six who feels that they should help.

Back on the Raza Android has found the digital upload of Sarah’s consciousness, which has been hidden and sectioned off from the rest of the ships computer by Five. Fans will remember Sarah as being Three’s girlfriend who did not survive being thawed out fully.

Back on the colony. Things have gone from bad to worse between the workers and security forces and Six has gone out of his way to try and mediate between the two factions.  Little does he know that a third party is at play here.

This was an interesting episode, which explored the idea of workers being exploited by corporations and the subsequent rebellions that are always likely to happen.

Roger Cross was fantastic as Six became the central figure of the episode as he tried to help by bringing both sides to the table. However I am not sure I liked the idea of Six staying back with the workers and further diminishing the Raza crew.

In regards to Four aka Ryo Ishida. Well he still has it in for his old cremates and has hired some seriously bad ass bounty hunters to go after them and hopefully re acquire the Blink Drive. As to how bad ass they are remains to be seen.

Bounty hunters could prove to be the least of Raza’s problems though as things move forward. We still need to see what effects the digitally uploaded personality of Sarah is going to have on Raza’s computers if the partition separating her from everything is lowered. Will she work out as a good thing or will she break bad when she learns that her digital personality is all that’s left of her old life.

Much like last season. There are a fair few plot points going on at once. And we look forward to seeing how some of them will unfold in the coming weeks.

Dark Matter - Welcome To The Revolution
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