In Review: Dark Matter – One More Card To Play

In the episode Portia aka Two from the other universe and Boon aka Three stage a ruthless take over of one of Ishida's cruiser ships.

Synopsis: The doppleganger’s of Two and Three stage a ruthless take over of one of Emperor Ishida’s war ships.

Review: Dark Matter returns to form with a fantastic episode, which once again features the multiverse characters from season two.

In the episode Portia aka Two from the other universe and Boon aka Three stage a ruthless take over of one of Ishida’s cruiser ships. They then go on to try and con Mikkei Combine and Commander Delaney Truffaut in order to put their alternate selves in a bad light with the corporation.

What plays out in this episode is a very smartly written chess game between the alternate universe versions of Android, Two and Three and our versions of those characters.

But as with last season. Our version of Two is able to use their memory loss about who she was before waking up as a way of tricking their alternate selves.

Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke and Zoie Palmer pull double duty as they play both versions of their respective characters.

There’s a wonderful scene between Two and Ishida near the start of the episode when Ishida  confronts her over the coms about having nicked the Blink Drive and so forth. Ishida’s outburst as Two hangs up on him is priceless.  Which still has me wondering if he is our version of four or the one which awoke with our versions of Portia and Boon.

We say goodbye to Adrian and Solara in this story, but I have a gut feeling that we maybe seeing them again later down the line. Adrian has a role to play in this episode and its a role I think we’ll likely see him play again.

The story closes out with Five learning that Six’s independent settlement had been wiped out, but we also see Portia from the alternate universe brokering some sort of deal with The General, which can only mean that things are going to get messy as the second half of this season gets under way.

Much like Five. I have to wonder if Six survived and if he did. Which version of Six will it be?

For my money. This is definitely the episode of the season thus far.

Dark Matter - One More Card To Play
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