In Review: Dark Matter – Nowhere To Go

It's A Trap!

Synopsis: The crew of the Raza strikes an alliance with Mikkei to take out the Ferrous ships.

Review: Picking up from where things left off. Two has Ryo at gun point and is struggling with the decision to kill him.

At this point, Six comes at Two over the communicator and tells her to come to the bridge. The message coming in is from Teku who wants the Raza to return Ryo to him. He informs Ryo that he has soldiers that are still loyal to him. Two is not completely against the idea of returning Ryo but insists he stays on board the Raza for now.

As the story moves forward Two and the crew discover the Ferrous base and soon after getting a communication from Mikkei Combine. Two and the head of Mikkei combine strike up a deal to infiltrate and take out the Ferrous base and ship yards. Mikkei reveals that they have an alliance with a few of the other corporations, but things go south pretty quickly.

As Two and Three board the Ferrous base they soon get captured and somewhere along the line an alien infects two while Boone gets captured by Two’s double Portia.

With a little help, Six and Five manage to break Two out of her cell and things start to look like they are getting on track again. Two whose now compromised by an alien being manages to get Mikkei to work alongside Teku and Ryo’s ships. They launch a huge attack on the Ferrous ships and Six takes a shuttle into the mix and activates the Blink Drive.

Ishida’s ships engage Ferrous corp.

By the close of the episode Six has presumably given his life while Three is on a Shuttle with Portia making a safe get away from the action.

Back on the Raza Ryo and Five are the only crew members that have not been compromised in some way. Android is out of action, but somehow communicating with Five. Ryo puts Two out of action.

We get left with one almighty cliffhanger not completely knowing what will happen next.

There are a lot of questions to ponder as a load of black ships arrives through a spatial anomaly that has been created by the blink drive.

This is an episode that you’ll likely find yourself having to rewatch in order to catch on to some of the more subtle nuances within the story.

I look forward to seeing how it will conclude by the close of the season.

Dark Matter - Nowhere To Go
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