In Review: Dark Matter – Built, Not Born

When Android makes contact with some of her friends. The crew of the Raza find themselves drawn into a mystery, which reveals the origins of Android's creation.

Synopsis: When Android makes contact with some of her friends. The crew of the Raza find themselves drawn into a mystery, which reveals the origins of Android’s creation.

Review: After last weeks fun and games. ‘Dark Matter’ returns to the mode of serious science fiction with a moral to the story.

This week we get a big reveal about the Androids origins and learn that it ties in with Two, which explains why she was so resistant to having Android destroyed during the shows first season.

When Android picks up a message from her Android friend Victor, the guy that gave her a software upgrade in the shows second season. The crew are drawn into a mission, which takes them to a remote outpost, which houses the creator of all androids.

While on board the outpost Two learns of her past with the android creator, and finds out that she had a romantic relationship with Dr. Shaw and was pretty much used as a template for the Androids that she created.

As you’d expect Three is resistant to helping the androids and there creator, but goes along with Two’s willingness to help despite his reservations.

What makes this episode really interesting is the fact that the Raza’s grade three maintenance android was created in Dr. Shaw’s image, which is something that makes our Android have feelings of inadequacy.

This is an excellent episode, which leaves us asking a lot of questions about the Androids within the Dark Matter universe, which makes things really interesting as the series moves forward.

The question is. Will this particular thread be resolved by the close of the season or might it have to wait to be resolved in a fourth season. If indeed Syfy choose to renew the series.

We get an awesome performance from Zoie Palmer who pulls double duty as Android and Dr. Shaw, but manages to channel a very RP British accent in the latter incarnation. 

We also get some plot advancement with Sarah whose consciousness gets transferred from the Raza’s computer into an android host by the close of the story, but to what end?

Hopefully we’ll get to find that out.

Dark Matter - Built, Not Born
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