In Review: Dark Matter – All The Time In The World

Dark Matter does Groundhog Day in fantastic new episode

Synopsis: When Three finds he is experiencing the same day over and over. The crew doesn’t believe him.

Review: This week sees a stunning performance from Anthony Lemke as he takes on the task of playing the same moments over and over again with subtle differences.

Basically Dark Matter does their version of ‘Groundhog Day’ in which Three finds himself stuck in a temporal time loop.

Added to all of this is the fact that the ship has been boarded by a phase shifting bounty hunter called Ash who is under the employ of Ryo Ishida.

Much comedy ensues as Three desperately tries to prove to his fellow crew mates that he is living the same day over and over, but not even the android will believe him.

The android does however wind up helping Three solve the issue by giving him French Lessons, which makes for the most amusing scene in the show. The Android and Three singing a French drinking song.

The new cast members also get their chance to shine when one of them finds that he has also been living the same day over and over, but it is ultimately Three’s newly acquired talent for fluent French and technical speak in French that breaks the deadlock.

Ultimately we learn that a Temporal Time Box, which was brought on board by Adrian Maro is the cause of all the trouble.

This revelation creates a new puzzle for Android to solve, but she winds up skipping forward through time until she eventually reaches the end. Where she meets Five who has aged several decades and is the sole occupant of the Raza.

The solution is simple. Android has to destroy the box in order to end the temporal loop.

This was a fun episode, which gave all the actors their chance to shine, but provided us with a brilliantly nuanced performance from Anthony Lemke as Three.

The episode ends with Ryo Ishida reporting his progress or lack thereof to a mysterious new character who we haven’t seen before.

I anxiously look forward to next week’s show.


Dark Matter - All The Time In The World
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