With three kingdoms on the brink of war, Batman is in hiding, recovering from an attack and a shocking betrayal.

Synopsis: This month in Dark Knights of Steel. With three kingdoms on the brink of war, Batman is in hiding, recovering from an attack and a shocking betrayal. But Batman finds he’s not the only unfortunate soul to be taken in by his surprise rescuers-strange, magical youngsters have been given sanctuary alongside the bastard prince, Bruce Wayne.


The Story

Having been thrown out by the Els and left for Dead a few issues back. Bruce Wayne finds himself under the care of Jonathan and Martha Kent who have not only saved Bruce Wayne’s life but have also been looking after the Teen Titans. As Bruce awakes from his sleep he finds himself confronted by Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Cyborg. All of them have been treated as outcasts by the El family and are thought of as Demons.

As Bruce gets to know them. He realizes that the Titans are really no different than he is, and when they are threatened by The League of Shades. Batman vows to protect his new friends.


The Artwork

Nathan Gooden does some great work on this issue. I loved the sequence of panels where Batman fights the demon Etrigan. I also loved the dragon that Beast Boy turns into. Also good were the character drawing. I particularly liked how Ravan was drawn and Beast Boy.



Tom Taylor’s ongoing story takes an interesting turn here as Bruce Wayne learns a truth about a group of people who he has been taught to hate for most of his life. The way in which Jonathan and Martha Kent are used in this storyline is rather fun and quite clever as they act as guardian figures for The Teen Titans as well as Mediators. By the end of the issue, it becomes apparent that Batman is going to team with the Titans as well as with Aqua Man who we will likely see in another issue later down the line.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of this pans out in the next issue.

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