In Review: Dark Knights of Steel (2021-) #5

Betrayals and assassinations have brought the world to the brink of war! As the Kingdom of Storms and Themyscira prepare for invasion

Synopsis: This month on Dark Knights of Steel. Betrayals and assassinations have brought the world to the brink of war! As the Kingdom of Storms and Themyscira prepare for an invasion, the El family is reunited at last to mourn their father…but what secrets does Bruce Wayne have that could prove vital to the future of the land?


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. A war between the various Kingdoms is about to break out. Zala El has returned to the palace to reunited with her brother Kal to commemorate their father’s funeral. Meanwhile, in the woods, Harly Quinn looks to make a pact with the Forest Witch Poison Ivy. Quinn asks Ivy to use her influence with the forest to prevent any attacks from the Kingdom and Storms and Themyscira. But Ivy doesn’t trust the Els.

Back at the castle the Dark Knight aka Batman returns and shares what he has learned about his shared parentage with Kal El. As you’d expect Kal is not happy and immediately sees Bruce Wayne as a threat to his throne.


The Artwork

Yasmine Putri puts in a really strong shift for this issue with some cracking action beats. We get some wonderful panels depicting Harley Quinns meeting with Poison Ivy in the forest. I loved the opening image of Ivy as she sits nestled in a tree looking very much like royalty. We also get some great action beats as Ivy goes up again Diana aka Wonder Woman and captured both Wonder Woman and her winged horse in some vines.

And if all that excitement isn’t enough. The book closes with a brilliant battle between Kal El and Bruce Wayne as the two fiercest Knights of the Kingdom go at it each other. Leaving us with a brilliant cliffhanger.



Tom Taylor’s alternate storylines for some of DCs most iconic characters continue to offer up an interesting mix of politics and intrigue. I really loved the exchanges between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. And Zala’s relationship with Diana aka Wonder Woman is going to make for interesting reading in future issues. Especially given that The Kingdom of El is going to war with both Themyscira and The Kingdom of Storms.

However, Taylor saves the best for last. As he introduces the Kents into the storyline. But with a rather fun twist.

Dark Knights of Steel (2021-) #5
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