In Review: Dark Knights of Steel (2021-) #4 Child of The Gods

This issue gives us the backstory to how the Els became rulers of the Kingdom.

Synopsis: This issue of Dark Knights of Steel takes a look at how the Els came to rule the kingdom and looks at how a prophecy was born.


The Story

Having learned of his true parentage in the last issue. Bruce Wayne hears the full story about how Jor-El and Lara came to Earth. As Alfred lays out the truth to Bruce that he is the product of an affair between Jor-El and Martha Wayne. Alfred also tells of how the Els helped save the Kingdom from an active volcano despite interference from a certain man named Luther. We also learn how Kryptonite was discovered in this world.


The Artwork

Bengal and Yasmine Putri do a great job of the artwork sharing duties on both the pencils and inks. I really enjoyed the panels building up to the reveal of the Joker and how it tied into the reveal of Kryptonite as well as the dynamic way in which they visually told the story of the El’s early years on Earth. The panels where we see Bruce Wayne’s parents killed are very well drawn and have real cinematic quality.



This is another strong issue that filled in a lot of the backstory information that was lacking from the opening two issues. I really enjoyed how it was Alfred that tells Bruce the story of how the Els become the keepers of his Kingdom as well as how he explained Martha’s drying words to the Els.

Added to that is some really strong artwork from the art team, who I’d say do a fair bit of the heavy lifting in terms of showing and not telling. The panels of a Dying Martha Wayne asking the Els to take over the Kingdom were brilliantly drawn. As was Luthors transformation and introduction as a key villain. The final page where we see The Dark Knight and Alfred ride out is really cool. I can’t wait for more Dark Knights of Steel.


Dark Knights of Steel (2021-) #4 Child of The Gods
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