In Review: Dark Knights of Steel (2021-) #2

In Dark Knights of Steel, an entire medieval world is forever changed when an alien spaceship crashlands.

Synopsis: In Dark Knights of Steel, an entire medieval world is forever changed when an alien spaceship crashlands. Pretty soon Monarchs die, Kingdoms rise and what seemed to be the end of the world for many is just the beginning.


The Story

In the wake of Jor-Els assasination. Batman, Superman, and the Knights of his court debate whether or not to go to war. Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Storms. King Jefferson receives news of the assassination and the capture of the Green Man aka Green Arrow. Further complicating matters is the fact that news has reached Jor-El’s daughter who has been living among the amazons with Princess Diana. Hurt and angry Zala the daughter of the Els sets out to avenge her father.


The Artwork

Yasmine Putri continues to rise to the challenge of putting a medieval spin on these iconic heroes. I’m loving the Batman armour as worn by Bruce Wayne and also loved the costumes that the Pierce family wore in their Kingdoms. As they remain consistent with the looks that we know but altered and placed in a medieval context. Added to that is the panels where we see the Peirce family training and making use of their powers. This is a nice bit of foreshadowing for the brief battle that we see ensue at the end of the issue.

The colourwork by Arif Prianto is really good and provides some interesting choices for the various looks seen throughout the book. I loved the sequence in which Harley Quinn is talking to Bruce Wayne while he wanders the jail cells in the castle.



Tim Taylor continues his story from where it left off and adds a few interesting twists. It’s basically Meta Humans Vs Aliens as the main storyline. And it is a fun concept for sure. I’m really enjoying how the writer has put a new spin on these characters and look forward to learning more about this world. I really liked the reveal that it was Jefferson Peirce that ordered the assassination of Jor-EL. Moreover, the idea of it being a part of some prophecy really lends itself well to how superstitious people were in the medieval world.

Also, seeing Amanda Waller as one of the El Knights who is vying for war was great. Bring on issue 3.

Dark Knights of Steel (2021-) #2
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