In Review: Daredevil (2023-) #9 WASHED IN BLOOD!

WASHED IN BLOOD! The peace Matt Murdock thought he had found has started to crumble into bloody rubble

Synopsis: WASHED IN BLOOD! The peace Matt Murdock thought he had found has started to crumble into bloody rubble – and as enemies surround Matt and Elektra from all sides, WILSON FISK makes a mysterious and dangerous return!


The Story

Picking up from where issue 8 left off. Daredevil and Electra have gatecrashed a gathering of criminals hosted by Bullseye and have just learned that King Pin is making his return to Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil tries to get information about King Pin’s return from Bullseye, but the interrogation is cut short as the Police arrive with orders to Apprehend Daredevil.

Having failed to get information from Bullseye. Matt decides to try a different route and visit his old friend Foggy Nelson who has believed that Matt has been dead for over a year. Suffice it to say Matt has a bit story to tell and a lot of apologising to make. His old friend Foggy feels betrayed.



Juann Cabal continues to produce solid artwork for this book. The highlight panels include a dramatic sequence where Daredevil tries to beat some information out of Bullseye and the conversation between Matt and his old friend Foggy who is none too happy with Matt for letting him think he’d died instead of coming to him as soon as he’d got a second chance at life as Father Matt.



Saladin Ahmed continues to spin a pretty good story and the dialogue between Matt and Foggy when they have the meeting toward the end of the book is fantastic. It’s helped by some great artwork specifically regarding Foggy’s micro-expressions once he has heard Matt’s story and is trying to process everything. The book ends on a fantastic cliffhanger in which Father Math will likely have a bit of explaining to do to one of the kids he looks after.

I look forward to seeing what the next issue has in store for us.

Daredevil (2023-) #9 WASHED IN BLOOD!
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