In Review: Daredevil (2023-) #6 – A BOOK OF REVELATIONS!


Description: A BOOK OF REVELATIONS! In their first no-holds-barred arc of DAREDEVIL, Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder tore Matt Murdock’s world asunder! With those closest to him ensnared by some dangerous and malevolent force, Matt’s been left with nothing but questions. IN THIS ISSUE, he finally starts to get some answers from the STRANGEst source of all…


The Story

Having exercised the demon of gluttony from Shehulk in the last issue. Matt Murdock is still trying to figure out how and why these demons are possessing those who are close to him. And in his search for answers he reverts to going to confession in the hopes that the old Catholic ritual will shake something loose. However, Matt’s meditation is soon interupted by Dr. Strange who helps him discover some of the answers that he is seeking. Pretty soon Matt figures out that the demons followed him back from hell and he needs to find the remaining four demons and clean up the streets of hells kitchen before more people get hurt.


The Artwork

Aaron Kuder pulls off some brilliant art for this issue. I loved the imagery that he came up with for the alternate version of Hells Kitchen that Matt finds himself in when he has the vision of Hell and confronts his demon head on. We also get a great single-page splash that depicts everyone who has been touched in some way by Daredevil.



Saladin Ahmed continues to weave a really fun story that makes clever use of catholic mythology that cashes in on Matt Murdock’s faith and the uneasy dichotomy between Math Murdocks alta ego of Daredevil and the Catholic faith.

Over the entire run of this series. I’ve really enjoyed the clever use of the seven deadly sins and how their demons have been portrayed when they have possessed Murdock’s friends. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Daredevil (2023-) #6 - A BOOK OF REVELATIONS!
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