In Review: Daredevil (2023-) #4 DON’T MISS…BULLSEYE!

BULLSEYE makes his bloody entrance into Matt Murdock's new life, and Hell's Kitchen is caught in the crossfire.

Synopsis: DON’T MISS…BULLSEYE! BULLSEYE makes his bloody entrance into Matt Murdock’s new life, and Hell’s Kitchen is caught in the crossfire. As the bodies pile up, DAREDEVIL is forced to make an impossible choice between stopping his deadliest enemy…and saving the soul of his friend!


The Story

Ben Ulrich has been spreading lies about Father Matt and the St Nick’s children’s home that he runs. To get to the bottom of what’s going on. Matt visits his old friend. Sadly Matt gets nowhere fast and leaves the Bugle to become Daredevil and go into Hell’s Kitchen to prevent a bloodbath and catch up with Bullseye who is going to assassinate someone. As he is part the way into Hell’s Kitchen Matt gets a call from the police and learns that one of his children has been done for shoplifting, which means he needs to rush to the police station to try and sort that out. Once he is done with the Police. Matt goes to Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil and finds that he has arrived late as fighting has already broken out. He manages to get to Bullseye, but the deed has already been done. As Matt leaves the scene while carrying someone in need of care he bumps into his old mate Ben Ulrich. Seems that his old mate Ben has been possessed by another demon, which is why Ben has been likely telling lies about Father Matt. Daredevil conducts an Exorcism of his friend and is warned by the demon that he will get his.


The Artwork

German Peralta does a solid job with the art for this issue. The opening few panels where we see Daredevil interrogating a gang member manages to capture the tension of the moment and the expressions of fear on the crook’s face. I also liked the panels where Matt Murdoch visits Ben Ulrich and we see that Ben is possessed. We see Ben’s Human half while the other half of him is done in a sort of silhouette of red patterns, which represents the fact that he is possessed by a demon. We also get some great action beats toward the end of the book as we see Daredevil and Bullseye face off again.



I continue to look forward to this comic each month. I enjoy how Matt Murdoch is narrating what is happening and also like how he is looking to justify his actions when he is in the Daredevil Costume. Of course, he would not be able to treat crooks in the same way as Daredevil does if he were a copper as there are rules.

Daredevil (2023-) #4 DON'T MISS…BULLSEYE!
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