In Review: Daredevil (2023-) #3

Daredevil pounds pavement and breaks bones on a crusade against the upstart gang terrorizing Hell's Kitchen.

Synopsis: Daredevil pounds pavement and breaks bones on a crusade against the upstart gang terrorizing Hell’s Kitchen. But that crusade will put Matt face-to-face with his deadliest enemy – and threaten the very souls of those closest to him.


The Story

Having learned that his former friend at the Daily Bugle has been spreading lies about St Nicholas’s Home. Father Matt aka Daredevil sneaks into The Bugle to try and figure out where his old friend is getting his information from. But when an emergency comes up at St Nick’s. Matt has to curtail his Daredevil antics for a meeting with the CPS who are investigating St Nicks based on the misinformation that the Daily Bugle has been spreading. After this meeting, Matt needs to blow off some steam so hunts down a gang that he’s been tracking, which ultimately leads him to learn that an old nemesis from his old life is behind everything.


The Artwork

Aaron Kuder does some solid art throughout this issue and the action beats toward the end of the issue where Daredevil takes down a new gang are really dramatic and easily a match to what we saw in the old Netflix Series, which was moved to Disney Plus about a year ago.

The best though is saved for last as the artist pulls off some brilliant panels that create a tense and dramatic build-up to the reveal of the big villain of the story.



Saladin Ahmed has crafted a truly interesting narrative for this new run of Daredevil. I really enjoyed the references to Stick who trained Matt Murdoch so he could filter all the sounds that he heard due to his oversensitivity to sound. I also enjoyed the references to Matt’s old life and his friendship with Ben” Urich, which is a friendship he has not gone back to since his journey through hell.

This story is getting better with each new issue and I can’t wait to see how things turn out in next month’s installment.

Daredevil (2023-) #3
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