In Review: Dan Dare #4

The Mekon is assumed dead and Dan is dealing with the aftermath and trying to connect with Au Taween, the alien woman that shot Mekon. 

Synopsis: The Mekon is assumed dead and Dan is dealing with the aftermath and trying to connect with Au Taween, the alien woman that shot Mekon.

Review: Picking right up from where issue 3 left off. The first arc of the all-new Dan Dare comic concludes and has a fair few surprises along the way. Dan is still in a state of shock after the shooting of Mekon. He really believes Mekon had changed his ways, but Au Taween, the alien woman that shot Mekon is not convinced.

Meanwhile, various factions argue over what should be done with the Super Treens body, but it seems it is not just the Earths political elites that are interested. We also have a group of criminals interested who can make a killing selling the Mekons body parts, but there is still some doubt about whether Mekon is really dead.

Peter Milligan’s first chapter of Dan Dare concludes and does so in such a way that it generally sort of resets the universe while introducing a few new characters along the way. I love how Milligan gives us a somewhat more complex Dare that doesn’t see the world in black and white and is able to see the shades of grey. I also like the fact that Dan is second-guessing himself.

The artwork by Alberto Foche continues to impress. The artist does a great job of capturing the classic style of Dan Dare while also allowing some of his own style to show through.

I particularly enjoyed the panels where Dan is trying to convince the imprisoned Aw Taween to eat something and the whole conversation he shares with her about how he believes the Mekon to have changed.

Overall. This was a great way to end the first story arc of Titan’s new Dan Dare comics. I very much look forward to seeing how the next arc develops given that things are very much open for a shedload of new adventures.


Dan Dare #4
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