In Review: Dan Dare #2

Dare finds himself thrust back into a new adventure

Synopsis: Dare finds himself thrust back into a new adventure that threatens not just Earth – but all life in the entire universe.

Review: This second issue of the new run of Dan Dare sees Dan going to the Mekon for help and advice when a giant Treen ship of unknown origin destroys the planet Triton and heads for Earth. Of course, Dan Dare recruits his old pals Digby and Peabody to go on a mission to intercept the Mekon ship. While investigating they get word from Mekon that the ship belongs to an ancient Treen known as Empress, but the message cuts out before Mekon is able to give any more detail.

Issue two pretty much moves the story along from where issue one left off and for now. It seems that Mekon is a model prisoner and not the same Mekon that we know and love, but could that possibly change? Dan up until this point was bored and seems to think that Mekon has also lost his edge while serving time. The only difference is. Dare seems to have found a new challenge. Which is making an interesting story.

Peter Milligan is spinning a fun story here with lots of fun moments that classic Dan Dare fans will enjoy. Though I can’t help but think that the Mekon’s rehabilitation is a little too good to be true.

The artwork by Alberto Fouche remains consistent throughout. I loved his design for the Triton ship and pilot. And I look forward to learning more about her and seeing her interact more with Dan Dare and his friends in future issues.

Overall. This is a solid second issue that moves the story along quite nicely. Obviously having had very little exposure to Dan Dare other than via the Big Finish Audio series. I’m no expert, but that’s the beauty of what Titan is doing. It’s a continuation but done in a way in which it is accessible to newer readers.

Dan Dare #2
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