The penultimate episode gives us the backstory.

Synopsis: Not far off the finish line, Kaye reveals a long-kept secret when she makes a shocking confession to Michael.

Review: This penultimate episode gives us the backstory about the virus and sets things up for what looks like it will be a killer finale.

The Story

Having rescued Michael. Kaye is busy treating the scientist that kidnapped him but ultimately fails to save his life. In the aftermath of that Kaye tells Michael that she could have potentially prevented the virus outbreak when she worked at Killeran, which was the medical research company that birthed the virus. As they catch up to the other racers. Kaye and Michael find that the shit has hit the fan.

The Acting

Phoebe Fox puts in an epic performance this week as Kaye as we see her both in the present and the past. The reveal about her knowing about the virus and being powerless to stop it didn’t really come as a huge surprise given that she was treating her mother for the virus at the start of the show. But it was a brilliant bit of character development that was performed wonderfully well.

Robert Glenister also puts in a solid performance as Grieves who gets a lot more to do this week as the flashback sequences take us down to day 0 of the virus.


This was probably the biggest episode we’ve had to date in that it gives us the full story of Killeran and documents and counts down to the outbreak, which creates the dystopic society that the racers are trying to escape from. The flashbacks were used to great effect this week as we were flipping between Kaye telling Michael about the events to actually seeing the events as this transpired.

We also learn that Kaye’s mother infected herself with a strain of the virus in hopes of finding a remedy.

The sequences in which Kaye goes back to the Killeran facility to find her mother was shot really well and had that claustrophobic feel to them as we followed Kaye through a hospital full of corpses that had been ripped to shreds by the infected people.

The closing moments where Kaye and Michael pull off the road to find themselves at a petrol station where they find all the other racers was a shocking reveal.

I look forward to next weeks finale.

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