The ambulance, hot hatch, and Volvo race into danger as they chase the prison truck into Manchester's badlands.

Synopsis: The ambulance, hot hatch, and Volvo race into danger as they chase the prison truck into Manchester’s badlands.

Review: An excellent episode that ends with a standoff.

The Story

Picking up from last week. A distraught Kaye having just lost her sister gives chase in order to rescue Michael from the medical researcher that kidnapped him. Lou and the Donahues volunteer to aid in the rescue, which does not go according to plan.

Meanwhile, Faith who is still leading the race and is very pregnant gets a flat tire and reluctantly accepts the help of Joker Jones and his buddies, which leads to a somewhat comical interpretation of ‘Everybody’ from ‘The Blues Brothers’.

The Acting

Once again we get a great performance from Miranda Richardson whose character of Lou Collins reveals herself to be the real deal when it comes to having street smarts. The scene where she negotiated the way into Manchester is wonderfully played out.

Also good this week was Phoebe Fox as Kaye who is in no mood to mess around when it comes to getting Michael back. The moment where she fires a rocket launcher at the armored truck only for it to start up again and drive off was priceless.


With only two episodes left to go. This episode went a long way to allowing us to get behind some of the characters as they banded together in their attempt to rescue a friend. I loved the Mexican stand-off near the close of the episode in which Kaye, Jenny, and Lou hold the security guards at bay in order to get Michael out of the van.

I also loved the fact that one of Joker Jone’s insane mates manages to sneak into Faith’s car in order to help her with the baby as and when it is born.

I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this comes to a close as the final two episodes air over the coming weeks. Will this race have a winner or will it just be an ongoing struggle?

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