In Review: Curfew – Season 1 Episode 5

Miranda Richardson makes a fantastic first impression as Lou, who proves to be a bad ass with a heart. 

Synopsis: There’s trouble when the Volvo and the tow truck crash in the middle of nowhere. Lou and Ruby need spare parts. Fast. But they come at a steep price.

Review: Miranda Richardson makes a fantastic first impression as Lou, who proves to be a badass with a heart.

The Story

This episode kicks off as two young girls are looking out of their window waiting for the racers to go by. Their father, who runs the farm gently chastises them by saying nothing is going to pass by. Little do they know what is about to happen.

A few miles away Lou and her teammate Hanmei are fighting for a better position in the race, but their aggressive driving causes an accident, which involves a tow truck, Team Awesome, and The Donahue family. To begin with, the teams attempt to fight each other, but then Jenny manages to calm the situation down and get everyone working together. Lou drives off with Ruby to scavenge some spare parts for the Donahues while Team Awesome gets away relatively unscathed. But foraging for spare parts comes at a great cost.

The Acting

Miranda Richardson puts in an amazing performance as Lou who reveals that she is in the race in the hopes of reuniting with her girlfriend. The scenes that Lou shares with Ruby are really intense and believable. And it becomes so much more poignant toward the close of this episode, which sees Ruby get bitten by one of the creatures. The final moments where Lou lends a hand to Kaye to do what must be done was really well played in actions and body language more than words.


This is the darkest and most disturbing episode yet in that we lose another cast member, but we also see an entire family sacrificed to ensure the survival of the racers.

The scenes where the creatures attack is some of the most intense to date and the moment where we see a human being begin to transform shows how strong the virus is.

Some great action beats as well as great acting performances.

Curfew - Season 1 Episode 5
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