In Review: Cross To Bear #4

Colts bark and scalpels bite! Chaos ensues when the Order finally catches up with the Ripper at the Mexican border.

Synopsis: In this fourth issue of Cross To Bear. Colts bark and scalpels bite! Chaos ensues when the Order finally catches up with the Ripper at the Mexican border. All bets are off, and only one thing is for sure as things finally come to a head: You did not see this one coming!


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Edgar and Baltimore are in prison, which gives them both a chance to resolve some of their differences and have a conversation. However, once they have come to an understanding. They get released thanks to a witness telling the authorities that they were acting in self-defense. As they reconnect with Simon. Edgar leaves Baltimore to keep watch while he and Simon go after The Ripper. A fight ensues and the Ripper is dealt with, but Edgar is suspicious when he realizes that the person who murdered his wife was not right-handed.


The Artwork

 Sinisa Banovic puts in a great shift with the artwork for this issue. I loved the panels where we have Baltimore sat in the desert talking to the spirits. But I also loved the artwork and series of panels that we get when The Ripper tells Edgar his backstory about why he has been driven to kill. The fight along the staircase is brilliantly drawn and felt very much like a movie. 



Writer Marko Stojanović delivers a fantastic twist in this issue, which you don’t see coming. And part of the reason for that is the build-up. The issue starts with Edgar mending some fences with Baltimore who he and his late wife adopted. We then go on the hunt for the Ripper, which slowly leads up to the twist about the Ripper not being the same person that killed Edgar’s wife. But it’s the extra layer to that twist that will blow you away.

Overall Cross to Bear issue 4 delivers the goods.

Cross To Bear #4
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