In Review: Cross to Bear #3

This month in Cross To Bear. Edgar. now firmly determined to track down Jack the Ripper.

Synopsis: This month in Cross To Bear. Edgar. now firmly determined to track down Jack the Ripper. sets out in pursuit of his prey. But the Ripper isn’t the only one they have to worry about as a grieving Josiah mounts a posse to strike revenge against the men who killed his son…


The Story

Picking the story up from last month. Edgar and his brother Simon are in pursuit of the Ripper. But first, they have to get a few family issues out of the way. If they have any chance of moving forward in their hunt. Meanwhile, Josiah Williams has set out on a quest for revenge and is looking for Simon and Edgar. But it seems that Josiah is not the only person who is hunting. Simon and Edgar are also being hunted by the Ripper and he is very, very sneaky.


The Artwork

Sinisa Banovicdoes some great work on this issue. We get some nice art panels for the flashback sequences, which tell the story of how Edgar and his wife came to adopt Baltimore. But even better is the couple of panels in which we see Jack The Ripper hunting Edgar and Simon and setting a little trap for them with a rattlesnake. Add to all that. The final shootout between Simon, Edgar, and Josiah Williams. And we have one hell of a great-looking sequence of visual story beats.



This latest issue of Cross To Bear does a great job of exploring the backstory of Simon and Edgar and also allows them to resolve some of their personal issues. I really enjoyed how Edgar talks about how tough and honest life in the west, is so much easier for him. Then his old life when I was forever having to watch his back as the leader of the order. I also enjoyed the idea of the hunters being hunted by the person that they are hunting.

Overall. A really solid issue.

Cross to Bear #3
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