In Review: Cross to Bear #2

Edgar swore he was done with The Order. He was done with the secrecy, the mon-sters and, most importantly, the killing.

Synopsis: This month in Cross to Bear. Edgar swore he was done with The Order. He was done with the secrecy, the mon-sters and, most importantly, the killing. But now the murderer known as Jack the Rip-per has hit close to home, and Edgar has no choice but to do what he promised he never would…return to The Order, and his brother along with it, to enact his plan of ter-rible revenge.


The Story

After having turned his brother’s invitation down to rejoin The Order. Edgar and his wife settle down for the night, but Molly has doubts on whether or not Edgar will stay by her side and goes for a walk to clear her head. Unfortunately, for Molly. The Ripper is also out walking and sets his sights on her as his latest prey. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town. The bandits that Edgar saw off in the previous issue go to their master with their tails between their legs. But when they learn of Edgar’s tragic loss the following morning. They look to try and capitalize on his moment of vulnerability.

By the close of this issue. Edgar has plenty of reasons to rejoin The Order. Revenge is his strongest motivation.


The Artwork

Sinisa Banovic continues to provide some fantastic artwork on Cross to Bear. I love how his drawing plays with light and shadow, but also how well he captures the mood and vibe of the wild west. His work is helped along by some fantastic colorwork from Aljoša Tomić who does some brilliant work on some of the more gory moments. I particularly liked the flashback sequence where we see Edgar being initiated into The Order.



This second issue continues from where the opening one left off. Having only just really met Edgar, this chapter focuses on him and his reasons for leaving The Order. There’s a really good line in here where Edgar says that every time you kill something. A piece of you dies along with it.

Overall. A real strong second issue, which ends with The Order riding off to chase down The Ripper.

Cross to Bear #2
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