In Review: Crackdown #1

The hyper-powered world of Crackdown (Xbox) has made its way to the comic page!

Synopsis: In the not-so-distant future, civilized society is more plugged-in and interconnected than ever – but criminal organizations are growing more connected as well, forming unholy alliances, and plotting for an unprecedented campaign against the world. When a series of devastating blackout attacks plunge major metropolitan areas into darkness and chaos, the global population is terrified, traditional law enforcement is overwhelmed – and it’s up to The Agency, an elite international crime-fighting task force, to restore peace and deliver justice, by any means necessary.

Review: Jonathon David Goff gets the difficult job of translating the visceral action of a video game to a comic book, and somehow just about manages to pull it off.

The Story

Set in the near future. Crackdown centers on a worldwide police force known as the agency.

This first issue sets up the world as the team leader takes us through the history and talks about the amount of power the Agency has at its disposal, which includes a heavy reliance on technology and biotechnology, which allows the officers to power up their skills.

The mission is to take down a gang that is causing trouble in the Megopolis of San Reno, but things do not go as smoothly as the team expects.


The artwork seems to be very true to the format of a video game in which we get technological schematics of the various high powered vehicles and weaponry that the Agency has at their disposal.

Artist Ricardo Jaime is across every detail and nothing is left to the imagination.


This first issue does its job well. It sets up the story and the world and then pulls the rug out from under you by the time you get to the final few pages.

The descriptions of the various vehicles used and the schematics, as well as the introductions to the characters on the fly, makes reading this feel like you are taking part in the video game. Which is both a good and bad thing. Good because it is probably pretty close to the game in regards to the feel, but not that great for a more nuanced character study of all the combatants and their motives. Some of this might get addressed in future issues.

Overall. Not bad, but there isn’t really anything here as yet to keep me interested beyond the second issue.

Crackdown #1
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