In Review: Constantine, Episode 9 “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2”

Best episode of Constantine yet!

Constantine, Episode 9 “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 2” Broadcast January 16, 2015

Written by Mark Verheiden

Directed by Romeo Tirone

After a recap of Part 1, John waits in the sewers, shot in the gut, as the demon approaches. John pulls out a ward and begins an incantation for protection, but the demon comes too quickly and begins to gnaw on his leg. Constantine punches the creature until it releases his limb. This gives him enough time to finish his spell and sear the glowing totem into his flesh. Our hero’s eyes go red and he has a snarl off with the demon, which goes away. Angel Manny appears, angry. “Yee cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of the Devil!” It’s revealed that John has bonded himself to a demon to escape from the other demon. The angel is furious at his stupidity. “It’s not that I can’t help you, John. I won’t.” With the celestial being gone, John considers what he’s done before the screen dissolves into the title sequence.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, a van speeds down a dark rural road with Zed tied up and unconscious in the back. She’s awakened by a vision of Anne Marie praying in a cage and then praying before her. She gets to the back of the van, hands still tied, banging her shoulder against the door to open it. Her driver/captor says, “Your father didn’t want it to go this way.” He slams on the brakes to get into the back to give her another sedative, but Zed escapes. Back in Mexico City, Chas goes through the sewers and finds John, bringing him to the surface. Once up, Chas learns what John’s done, having only a few days to perform a self-exorcism. If he can’t do it, he wants Chas to kill him. He doesn’t think he’s up to the task, and that’s when John becomes possessed, throwing his friend to the ground and running off. Chas calls Zed for help, but she’s still being sought by her captors. She says she’ll get there as quickly as she can. John wakes up in a back alley covered in blood and surrounded by several corpses and their body parts. As he stands, a heavily armed group of policemen converge on him. “Bloody hell,” he says as he’s apprehended. Cue first commercial break.

Wow–Was this a great episode! Everything was working! The story was great, putting John on the short stick and under an ever ticking timeline. It showed how he doesn’t have everything under control, ever. Chas was unbelievably loyal, and this episode gave a sliver of his past. Zed got a lot of teases om her background, too, and Anne Marie had a lot to with the story, including a surprisingly scantily clad appearance. Matt Ryan was great, showing John to be stubborn, cocky, lost, and damned. When he fought the demon within him, viewers knew it was going to be something really bad. The visual effects were also really strong, with several great snake effects and one hell of an exorcism scene.

The good: Script by Mark Verheiden, direction by Romeo Tirone, Matt Ryan, Claire van der Boom as Anne, Harold Perrineau as angry Manny, and terrific effects. Plus, the best reaction to “Sod off!” ever.

Fun lines: “I’ve been carrying Hell around with me my whole life. How much worse can the actual place be?” “I’m John Constantine. I do stupid in spades,” “John has Heaven on speed dial,” “Not looking. Measuring,” and “That’s his magic…and his curse.”

The bad: I don’t need to have a season long arc of the coming darkness. John getting into and out of trouble is good enough for me, but this is a tiny nick.

The final line: Best episode of Constantine yet! I really want this show to continue! Overall grade: A+


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  • Ian Cullen
    17 January 2015 at 5:14 pm -

    I watched this last night and have to say I completely agree. It is the best episode to date. I thought the acting was top notch and the parts where Constantine was wrestling with the demon inside of him were mesmerizing.

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