In Review: Conan The Barbarian #9

Unexpected allies await, fierce enemies loom, and the strange power of the Black Stone stirs in the age unconquered!

The Story

In this issue our favorite Barbarian finds himself sent back in time to a time due to his getting away from the influence of the dark stones. As Conan begins to get his bearings he finds himself taken prisoner for a time by Brule who is also fighting the same dark foe. Brule spares Conan because he senses something about him, but keeps the Barbarian tied up until he gets the measure of the man.

While Brule and his soldiers sleep. A loan mountain Lion attacks the camp and attempts to kill Conan. Luckily Conan gets the better of the beast and also gains some trust from Brule who allows him to travel with him to the city of Valusia.


The Artwork

Roberto De la Torre takes on the art duties for this issue and does some stunning work. I really enjoyed the panels that show Conan’s battle with the mountain lion. But the high point are the panels where Conan meets with Yag-Kosha an Elephant character who Conan met over ten years ago in his own timeline. The drawing of Yag-Kosha is nicely done and really makes a strong impression.

To wrap this up. We get to see Conan fight a duel against Kull The Conqueror who is another Robert E. Howard creation. This fight, which is brilliantly drawn is part and parcel of a quite fun plot twist.



This was a strong issue with some bloody brilliant plot developments and twists. I loved the setup and backstory at the beginning of the issue that outlines Brule’s character and how that builds toward Conan meeting him.

Overall. A solid chapter in which we get to meet another iconic Robert E. Howard character.

Conan The Barbarian #9
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