In Review: Conan The Barbarian #8

Years after the battle of Venarium, a weary Conan returns to his homeland to seek rest and solitude.

Synopsis: Years after the battle of Venarium, a weary Conan returns to his homeland to seek rest and solitude. However, a mysterious scout rides in to warn the Cimmerians of an imminent threat on the march from the Pictish wilderness. Will Conan and his new ally be able to hold off this new horde of invaders?


The Story

Having been possessed by the spirit guardians of Thulsa Doom in the last issue. Conan finds himself being used like a puppet as he is sent on a killing spree to locate a Pict Sword that he sold after the tragic death of his lover Belit. While under the thrall of the Guardians. Conan is forced to locate the old sword by any means available. However, could the warrior’s past be about to save him from these Guardians?


The Artwork

Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez continue to do a great job with the artwork for this. I loved how well-drawn and colored the possessed version of Conan was. Both artist and colorist did a brilliant job of capturing the absence of Conan’s spirit in the eyes of the possessed version of the warrior. The art team also do a great job of capturing the extra brutality that Conan commits to while he is being puppeted by Thulsa Dooms Guardian spirits.



This second story arc from Jim Zub continues to keep me entertained. I loved the clever use of Conan’s past and the spirit of the one he lost returning to help him in his hours of need. The dialogue that narrates the action is brilliantly clear to the point where I can hear the narration in my head when I read the book. Added to that is the great dialogue paired up with some fantastic visual storytelling from the artists.

To sum up. This comic is a great example of sequential storytelling where the art team and writer are in perfect sync.

Conan The Barbarian #8
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