In Review: Conan The Barbarian #2

Conan and his new ally, Brissa – a deadly Pictish scout, fight back-to-back against a savage horde…

Synopsis: Conan and his new ally, Brissa – a deadly Pictish scout, fight back-to-back against a savage horde… only to discover that each success creates a new obstacle to victory over the “Army Of The Lost”.


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Conan and Brissa have gotten away from the Pict zombie army that destroyed Haulers Roam. Conan and Briss watch from the shadows as the army of dead picts gather all of the dead and proceed to drag them cross country to their next target, which happens to be a village populated by people from Conan’s tribe. Over a matter of days. Conan and Briss follow the army as they get to know each other rather intimately. Briss tells the barbarian about how this army came from nowhere and wiped out her family. Eventually, after a few days, they come upon the Barbarians tribespeople to find that they have been wiped out. As they traverse through the lands to keep tracking the army. A bright light appears and seems to wake the dead cimmarians from their deadly sleep.



Roberto De la Torre continues to deliver stunning visuals for this second issue and begins from where he left off as we get a single-page splash showing Conan and Brissa behind cover as they watch the army gather the dead bodies of their most recent conquest. The detail of the character drawings for the various members of the undead army are awesome and can easily be imagined in a movie adaptation should one be done of this comic.



Jim Zub continues the story by fleshing out some character development for Brissa as she slowly gets to know and learn to trust our Barbarian anti-hero as they follow the undead army made up of former members of her tribe.

Overall. A solid second issue that leaves you wanting more.

Conan The Barbarian #2
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