In Review: Conan The Barbarian #10

Beyond Flesh. Beyond Death. Beyond Time.

Synopsis: Conan has travelled far and seen much in his legendary journeys, but nothing he has experienced thus far can prepare him for a quest to lands beyond to answer dark riddles of the past.

Unexpected allies await, fierce enemies loom, and the strange power of the Black Stone stirs in The Age Unconquered!


The Story

Far Shores and Fearless men picks up right from where the last book left off. Conan and Kull are exhausted after having battled each other in a might fight. As he awakes Kull orders that Conan and Brule be imprisoned. Its very apparent that a darkness has taken hold of Kull and Brune and Conan touch on this while planning their escape from their prison cell. Thankfully, Kull manages to stave off the darkness within and releases Brune and Conan and asks them to follow him on a mission to find out what has become of Atlantis.


The Artwork

Roberto De la Torre and Dean White  do some fantastic art for this issue. I loved the panels that start the comic off where we see Kull’s dream about the hunting party that includes a Tiger, a Lion, and Kull as they head toward Kull’s Kingdom.

I loved the various panels that take place on the ship in which Conan and Kull’s Red Guards take on a bunch of pirates.



Jim Zub continues to do a great job with these Conan books and remains true to the spirit of the characters and themes from the original stories by Robert E. Howard. I’ve really enjoyed the inclusion of Kull in this story and have to wonder if any more of Robert E. Howard’s popular characters will show up in future stories.

Overall. A great story that is building to what will likely be a fantastic ending.

Conan The Barbarian #10
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