In Review: Conan: Serpent War (2019-) #3 (of 4)

CONAN and DARK AGNES face off against the servants of SET in STYGIA! SOLOMON KANE and MOON KNIGHT encounter a bizarre relic

Synopsis: CONAN and DARK AGNES face off against the servants of SET in STYGIA! SOLOMON KANE and MOON KNIGHT encounter a bizarre relic – but will it aid their quest, or doom their compatriots? And what deadly secret lurks in the mind of JAMES ALLISON?

Review: This penultimate issue sets things up for what can only be an epic finale.

The Story

Conan and Dark Agnes battle a few worshippers of Set and upon defeating them gain the information that they need to find the hidden temple in Stygia. Meanwhile in Europe Soloman Kane and Moon Knight our on a similar mission, but Kane is getting impatient with the mission. As the comic moves forward we learn that the two teams are being sent after two Bracelets, which apparently hold some of Set’s power.

Back in 1930s Texas James Allison, who has been giving out the missions to Conan and Soloman Kane from across time is still at death’s door, but he is beginning to sense that the consciousness with which he has been speaking with is not a friend, but is in fact a rival god of Set. The Wyrm.

The Artwork

The artwork in this book continues to blow me away with its attention to detail and its fantasy stylings. The team of Vanesa R. Del Rey and Luca Pizzari are doing some brilliant work here.

I really loved how they depicted The Wyrm surrounding and pretty much enveloping the weak and dying James Allison in order to take advantage of the fact that he is going in and out of consciousness. The various shades of blue that are used do a great job of emphasizing the scales on the wyrm. I also enjoyed many of the panels in which we saw Conan and Agnes do battle. The action is drawn in a visceral style that shows off both the beauty of movement and the brutality of the swordplay.


Jim Zub’s story sets the stage for what will no doubt be an epic ending as we see Moon Knight put on of the two bracelets on and find himself transported into the battle, which Conan and Agnes are already fighting. Quite how Kane will fall into all of this will no doubt become clear in next month’s final issue and I can’t wait to find out.

Conan: Serpent War (2019-) #3 (of 4)
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