In Review: Compass #3 (of 5)

GREG RUCKA proudly presents a new direction in adventure with…COMPASS!

Synopsis: This Month in Compass. Evil pursues Shahidah El-Amin to the ends of the Earth…and miles beneath it. The quest for the Cauldron of Eternal Life takes Shahi—and her one-time sister-in-arms, now enemy, Ling Hua—deep within the darkest caverns of Christendom, where the treasure hunters face monsters, visions, and the legions of the dead!


The Story

Picking up from last month. Shahidah El-Amin must pass a druid initiation, which leads her to the darkest caverns of Christendom. While there she meets her sister in arms, and enemy, Ling Hua. While fighting off monsters and visions. The two adventures must work together in order to stay alive.


The Artwork

The artwork in this issue is fantastic. I loved the sequence where Ling Hua is pushed into the cavern by her employer who is growing impatient with her. Also, the sequence in the caverns is pretty visceral and fast-paced. Visually, this comic book feels more like an epic adventure movie with every issue. Justin Greenwood does some brilliant work here.



Compass continues to be a really fun read. And would make for a brilliant movie of limited television series. The main character of Shahidah El-Amin is likable and easy to relate with, which is all down to some solid writing from the writing team. I love how much of a rough and tumble kind of character she is. I also like the fact that she does not necessarily believe in all the magic and such that she is encountering.

Ling Hua makes for an interesting villain. And I like that she is not the main villain of the piece in that she is being used by the current leader of the Mongols.

Finally, I also, enjoy the final few pages where we get a little bit of a history lesson about the period of time in which this book is set. This month talks about the Mongols.

Compass #3 (of 5)
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