In Review: Compass #2

Chased across continents, marked for death by Mongol assassins, and betrayed by her sister-in-arms—the odds are stacked against Shahidah…

Synopsis: This month in Compass. Chased across continents, marked for death by Mongol assassins, and betrayed by her sister-in-arms—the odds are stacked against Shahidah…and the adventure’s just begun! As Shahi closes in on the fabled Cauldron of Eternal Life, the emaciated and bloodthirsty Margul Khan rallies his forces in her pursuit. More than just an old man’s health is at stake…if the Khan gets his clutches on the prize of immortality, he’ll crush the Earth in his tyrannical grip!


The Story

Shahidah’s journey takes her to Wales where she has found a vital clue to the whereabouts of the fabled Cauldron of Eternal life. After having read documents, which have been handled by a leper. Shahidah finds herself the prisoner of a group of Druids. Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty Margul Khan’s assassin has failed in an attempt on Shadidah’s life. The Khan looks to Hua Ling for advice and counsel but grows frustrated at her fawning.

Back in Wales. Shahidah prepares herself for a trial that will prove whether or not she is worthy to view the Cauldron. Failure means death.


The Artwork

The artwork from Justin Greenwood continues to evoke the feel of an action movie. The first few pages see Shahidah giving chase to one of the Khan’s men. In one of the panels, we see her dramatically swing on a rope and hook to catch up to her target.

I’m also, enjoying the fact that we haven’t seen Margul Khan beyond a partial glimpse of his face through the tent that he occupies. This artistic decision on the part of Greenwood and the comics writers adds to the tension. It also has me wondering if he is a leper like the man that he sent after Shadidah.



Compass continues to deliver an intriguing and somewhat dense story. Writers Robert Mackenzie and Dave Walker do a great job of progressing the story on from the last issue. Indeed, quite a lot happens. The cliffhanger we get is fantastic. The addition of the Druids to the storyline really elevates the story. I also enjoyed the couple of pages at the close of the issue in which we get to learn what little is actually known about the ancient druids.

Overall. This book continues to be both fun and educational.

Compass #2
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