In Review: Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages

An exciting new documentary about the world of comic books

Synopsis: An exciting new documentary about the world of comic books told through interviews of the creators, artists, writers, collectors, store owners, indie publishers and the passionate fans who have made it the phenomenon that it is.

Review: I found this little gem on Amazon Video while searching for something interesting to watch.

The film is produced by Michael Valentine and is an honest look at pretty much most facets of the comic book industry from the point of view of writers, artists, inkers, colourist and most importantly the fans. 

Featured interviews of note include Neal Adams, Mark Waid, Stan Lee and Frank Miller to name only a few. You even get treated to interviews with people that work in the smaller comics companies such as Top Cow, Dark Horse and more. The only person really missing from the creator interviews for me was Marc Millar.

As a casual fan of comics who has seen a few documentaries based around comics. I have to say that ‘Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages’ is perhaps the most comprehensive one that have had the pleasure of viewing.

You get some great content here such as Neal Adams telling a fun story about how he helped Frank Miller into the business via the means of critiquing his artwork. And of course Stan Lee’s story about the early days of Spider-Man, which although told many times before it never really gets old.

The segments featuring Cosplayers are a lot of fun and they also speak with people from ‘Star Wars’ fandoms legendary 501st who cosplay as Storm Troopers, Bounty Hunters and Rebel Scum in order to bring a smile to sick children as well as raise money for worthy causes.

Where this documentary really shines though is the attention to details. In the world of comics it is often the writers and artists that get all the glory while the inkers and colorists are pretty much forgotten about. This film addresses that issue by talking to some of the industries Inkers and Colorists who provide valuable insights into the importance of their jobs.

The interviews and cut scenes of comics pages throughout are both entertaining and educational, but what really makes the whole package is the fantastic originality of the soundtrack, which pretty much channels all manner of influences from various sources when it comes to comic book film and television soundtracks. In fact if the soundtrack to this film were available as a stand alone. I’d probably have it loaded up on my iPhone by now.

If you are a fan of comics or even just someone that is wanting to have a flavour of the comic book world and culture. Then you’ll probably get a lot of enjoyment from this film.

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