In Review: Colony – Tamam Shud

When a pilot from another resistance cell parachutes into the bloc. The race is on to intercept her.

Synopsis: When a pilot from another resistance cell parachutes into the bloc. The race is on to intercept her.

Review: Things are moving on pretty fast and it looks like Will’s cover is very much blown thanks in part to the suspicions of Burke who has been given the green light to investigate him.

Meanwhile a pilot from another resistance cell has parachuted in after her place, which is an old world war 2 model is shot down.

Will who is  still playing both sides plans a meeting with Katie and Broussard to discuss a plan of action to contact the pilot using shortwave radio. Things get more complex when Hennessey the leader of the Los Angeles resistance is found dead.

At Homeland Burke’s investigation turns up evidence, which implicates Will and his wife Katie as resistance and a plan is hatched to try and capture them, but when things go south. The only person they can capture is Will.

With the Bowman kids as leverage Burke proceeds to question Will.

Will gives them a chance at getting the pilot, but does everything he can to make things as difficult as possible for Burke and his men to capture her. During the operation news comes through to Burke that Broussard and Katie have rescued the children, which gives will his opening to make a break for it. Stabbing Burke with a broken bottle Will makes a run for it and manages to give the Homeland soldiers the slip with some help from the pilot.

Back at the Resistance HQ. Katie and Broussard have gotten the kids to safety and hear a knock at the door. It’s Will. He thanks Broussard for having helped his Children and tells him that the Pilot wants to meet somewhere neutral.

At the meeting place the pilot tells Broussard that she is from another cell, which is led by one of his old army friends. She reveals that the real war is about to begin and they need the technology that Broussard’s cell stoke from one of the alien drones to help in the effort.

This was a fantastic episode, which did much to move things on.

It is going to be interesting in weeks to come given that Will is now in the same boat as Broussard.

Colony - Tamam Shud
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