In Review: Colony – Somewhere Out There

Will decides to trust an old friend, Jennifer visits Katie while Bram meets the camps commandant.

Synopsis: Will decides to trust an old friend, Jennifer visits Katie while Bram meets the camps commandant.

Review: While searching for his son in the Santa Monica Bloc Will learns that his son has become the member of a criminal gang, which is run by a shady character called Solomon, who has abused kids in order to bend them to his will.

Will enlists the help of his former FBI partner Devon in order to broker a deal with Solomon in order to get his son back.

Katie’s sister visits and says she can try and get her boyfriend who has some pull with the alien rulers, but the best he can do is have Bram put into one of the work camps.

Back in the LA Bloc Bram has been sentenced to serve time in the camps and meets the commandant, which turns out to be Snyder. We knew he’d been demoted somewhere. Now we know where.

The keyword for this episode is compromise. It is what Will has been having to do throughout the series. But this episode in particular proves just how far he is prepared to go in order to get his son back.

Josh Holloway puts in a really strong performance in this episode, which sees Will having to navigate the lawless territory of the Santa Monica bloc, which doesn’t seem to have any kind of police presence, which makes me wonder why. 

It was good to see Snyder back and it will be interesting to see what he is like as commandant of the camp and if Bram will suffer his wrath or wind up colluding with him. Its hard to tell given that Snyder’s character seems to change allegiance from week to week and only serves his own self interest.

All in all. A pretty solid second episode.



Colony - Somewhere Out There
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