In Review: Colony – Seppuku

Will, Katie and Broussard battle the Red Hand for control of the RAP gauntlet.

Synopsis: Will, Katie and Broussard battle the Red Hand for control of the RAP gauntlet. Snyder helps Helena regain control over the Los Angeles Bloc.

Review: The oppressive alien occupation is coming to a head and the decisive politics being used on behalf of the Aliens by their human Proxy’s are beginning to divide not only the people, but the resistance movements as well.

Katie, Will and Broussard try and parlay with the RED Hand via information provided them by Bram, but ultimately they fail to come to an accord.

Meanwhile   Nolan Burgess turns Katie’s sister in to the authorities as a means of damage limitation for his career. He doesn’t count on Snyder politically outmanoeuvring him and turning the tables in order to both help Helena but also try and protect Katie’s sister.

Snyder is proving to be a super tricky character and seems to be trying to use politics to stir things up for the Aliens and the resistance, but also the people in the middle. This said. It is not as clear cut with Helena.

Having failed to make an arrangement with the Red Hand Broussard, Will and Katie are forced to attack them and take back the alien tech that was stolen from them. While making a getaway from the Hand Broussard uses the alien tracking device on the remaining members of the Red Hand to see them all wiped out. But things get really freaky when one of the alien drones comes up real close to Broussard and then seems to just let him go.

After the Red Hand attack. Broussard tells Will and Katie what happened and Will reveals that the same thing happened when he broke back into the LA Bloc. Katie suggests that the Aliens may have a special file on Broussard and Will.

Snyder visits the aftermath of the Red Hand attack and begins to ponder why Broussard would attack another resistance movement.

Later while having a drink with Snyder. Helena gets a phone call from one of the other Proxies. She is told that the Los Angeles block is being brought forward for Rendition. When Snyder asks what the issue is. Helena lies and says its just more politics.

This was the best episode have seen in the last few weeks. I loved Peter Jacobson and his performance of Snyder in this episode. In particular his scenes with Ally Walker and Adrian Pasdar. If you thought Snyder was slippery in the first season. He is taking it to a whole new level this year. 

Colony - Seppuku
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