In Review: Colony – Ronin

The Bowman family must make an impossible decision following a revelation about the fate of the LA Bloc.

Synopsis: The Bowman family must make an impossible decision following a revelation about the fate of the LA Bloc.

Review: The second season finale sees the Bowman family having to make a run for it to avoid the fate that awaits the LA Bloc and must make a deal with the devil in order to secure their safety.  They use the alien tech that they helped Broussard secure as something with which to tease Snyder with, but Snyder is as much a rat as he has always been in spite of anything he says.

Broussard allows the Bowman’s to take the tech with them given that he thinks they may have a better chance of contacting the other resistance cell, which has one of the aliens on side who is prepared to show them how to use the alien tech.

Meanwhile Katie’s sister Morgan faces rendition to the factory with the rest of the LA bloc.

This final episode of the season was a solid outing that ended the stories of some characters but set up things for the Bowman’s to continue to stay together and struggle against the oppressive alien hosts.

Ally Walker was as cold and calculating as ever as the bloc Governor Helena who makes an arrangement for Snyder to go with her to her re assigned position. Snyder has other plans, but as ever continues to play all sides of the situation to ensure his own survival.

Bethany Joy Lenz puts in a wonderful performance as Morgan who knows her fate is sealed. Lenz conveys her characters sense of doom with a quiet dignified performance. 

The scenes in which all the LA Bloc was being rounded up with the promise of evacuation to a better life were very disturbing and deliberately reminiscent of another race of people that were rounded up on trains with absolutely no promises whatsoever. It was disturbing because you got the sense that every one of these people from the LA Bloc knew that they were being fed lies by the establishment and were just playing along in the doomed hope that they were wrong.

It will be interesting to see how this will be picked up in the third season and to find out if Broussard who stayed behind manages to avoid rendition, kick some alien butt and get out of there. But I get the impression that like Morgan. His story is now at an end in that he stayed for the greater good.


Colony - Ronin
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