In Review: Colony – Pilot

In near-future Los Angeles, Will Bowman attempts a daring rescue.

Synopsis: In near-future Los Angeles, Will Bowman attempts a daring rescue. His wife Katie tries to help a relative in need. A job opportunity threatens to divide the family.

Review: Although this series got its initial premier back in January on USA Network in the states. It has only just made it to UK shores on Sky One and launched last Thursday evening with a pilot episode that was heavy on plot set up and shows a lot of promise.

The series is a near future dystopic drama in which the world has been invaded by a group of aliens, which no one seems to have seen, but they have such power that they have managed to wall off the entirety of Los Angeles from the rest of the US and are controlling humanity with drowns and using human nature as a means to control us by the age old rule of divide and conquer.

Our gateway into this world is Will Bowman and his family. When Will attempts to escape to the other side of the wall in order to find his missing son he is captured by the Aliens and sent to to Alan Snyder who is the Los Angeles Proxy for the unseen Alien presence that lingers out of sight. Snyder enlists a reluctant Will to work for him in the capacity of finding the resistance, which are causing much trouble for the Aliens with small scale terrorist attacks.

Starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callis the series has that ‘Lost’ puzzle box feel to it that will likely keep viewers glued if they are a fan of puzzles and character drama. What is interesting about this for me is the fact that Will’s wife is a member of the very resistance that he has been pushed into hunting down. This alone could make for some fascinating drama later down the line.

What also works is the fact that no one owns a car unless it is a vehicle that has military purpose and is part of the army of human beings that the Alien’s have working for them. Ordinary citizens seem to get around on bicycles or walk.

Much of this first episode sets things up by introducing us to this world and the Sullivan family who tragically lost touch with their third child when the invasion came when they used the new regime as a means to create a new start for themselves and hide in plain sight, but what they are hiding from is kind of unclear.

Peter Jacobson puts in a fantastic portrayal of the sleazy Proxy that recruits Will to seek out the resistance movement. 

The series, which is created by Ryan Condal has much promise and thankfully has already been renewed in the USA for a second season, which is great news for anyone living in the UK who has just jumped on board with the pilot episode. 

Colony - Pilot
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